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Shawn Spencer (born February 29th, 1988) is an American actor. He has attracted a minor following by starring in independent films.

Early life

Spencer was born in Santa Barbara, California, to Henry, a lawyer, and Madeline Spencer, a rehabilitation consultant. He is an only child.

He grew up in Santa Barbara and attended Santa Barbara High School. His parents separated when he was 16. Around this time, he started to find ways to be in movies and television, often scouting the area for places where extras were needed, eventually finding a passion for the camera lens.



Spencer has appeared in countless films and commercials, a majority of which went uncredited. He has been quoted saying that "[he] cannot remember all of what he's been in," and that on occasion, "[he] wasn't sure what [he] was standing on the set for."

He has acted in various independent cult films, such as the 2011 production Minotaurz and 2012 film Crack the Whip, all of which have relatively large amounts of success but small followings overall.

His starring roles include similar types of productions, such as the 2009 film Tiger and the 2012 film Son of a Gun.


In 2008-2013, Spencer co-starred in several prime time comedies, often establishing himself as a "weird ex" trope.

Personal life


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